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PdfToSpeech.Com Unlimited Online converter, converts text documents in PDF format into recorded speech. PDF To Speech Reader will highlight and read text aloud according to its settings. Users can slow down or speed up the reader (Control pitch, rate and volume of the speech) while the screen highlights the text.The generated speech can be played immediately or saved to file .Mp3 format. Great for educational purposes, great help to students with their learning or reading assignments, students will have an easier time processing the electronic information (eBooks,Word Ddoc, Excel Sheet etc). PDF Read Aloud Features: Multi language support. | You can change the speed of speech. | Control pitch, rate and volume of the speech. | Save your speech to Mp3 and/or txt file | Play in background. | Play speech based on selected text. | TTS with highlighted text. | You can convert PDF file To Text. | Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Devices ,Computers & Accessories. Note: Your data will not be stored.
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